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County Leaf Pick Up Program

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KW Annual Meeting - Recap

Meeting was held on May 16

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Neighborhood News - Additional Information

St. Joseph County Leaf Pick-up Program

We do have news that the County Commissioners are planning on a one year contract with Greenworld (the vendor that has been collecting the leaves for the last 3 years). The plan is for 2 pickups and no Spring collection.  We don't know about the timing of the collections, what sections and subs will go first, or when they will have any of that information.  There are 2 other vendors that showed interest and it would be nice to know who they are so we could reach out and see what they might charge to supplement the county program.  We will be attending the next Commissioners meeting on Tuesday June 5th 10am 4th Floor of the City County Building.  Here are more details from the article in the South Bend Tribune.

Dave Lange 
KW Treasurer

2018 annual meeting - recap

Attendance could always improve but we had the best turnout in several years with 34 attendees. Here is a brief summary of discussion points

  • Budget for 2018/2019 Approved - Fiscal Year will change due to the change in meeting time - Results will cause a delay in 2019 dues invoices. Will be sent out next Feb/March timeframe
  • Still experiencing dues delinquencies - Legal action forthcoming 
  • The following new officers were inducted
    • Shelly Hankins - Vice President
    • David Lange - Treasurer
    • Secretary position is open
  • Here are some of the topics discussed
    • County Leaf pick-up program
    • Review of offices that make up our board
    • Neighborhood Compliance Issues
    • Winter plowing in Cul-de-sacs - who's responsible?
    • No access into the Reserve - they use our roads for access but their entrance is off limits to us to even walk through. They also do not obey speed limits
    • Since Jan  2017 to Present 26 home sales in KW (6 in 2018)
    • Common Area - Many positive comments about how nice it looks- both the main entrance and Juno Pond
    • Architectural Control - Approvals have been requested for sheds, fences and additions. These requests can now be processed directly through our new website.
    • Communication to neighborhood through 
      • Emails - Have most neighbors addresses
      •  Website - new and allows more features
  • Upcoming Events
    • Neighborhood Garage Sale - June 15 and 16
    • Back To School Party - August 11

Many thanks to all our board members who meet and work selflessly throughout the year.  Your neighborhood appreciates all you do!!