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Covenant Control of Architectural Projects


1. ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL COMMITTEE. In order to maintain harmonious structural design, no building for the principal use of residential dwelling may be erected on any lot, unless and until the plans and specifications therefore have been approved in writing by the Knollwood West Architectural Control Committee. There is hereby created the Knollwood West Architectural Control Committee which shall consist of three (3) persons appointed by the Association, which Architecture Control Committee shall hereinafter be referred to as the “ACC”, or its successors and assigns who shall serve until they are removed by the unanimous vote of the Board or have resigned. The ACC may designate any one of its members to act on its behalf. In the event of any vacancy on the ACC, the Board shall appoint a replacement. The ACC shall have the authority to approve all plans and specifications for all structures to be erected in the subdivision. No construction of any structure shall be commenced until the ACC shall have issued its written approval. The decision of the ACC shall be entirely within its discretion. The authority of the ACC shall remain in effect as long as there is an Association Board. 


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Complete KW Covenants can be downloaded here

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